What is the customer portal?

It is the platform that makes your life easier. Manage your laundry orders, schedule a pickup for your clothes cleaning, manage your payments and redeem your rewards. With just a few taps on your phone, laundry day turns into laundry minutes, and you can track your order from anywhere!

Can I choose my Delivery day?

Depending on your address our system will automatically give you the option to choose your pick-up and delivery dates. But if you need a certain day, we can accommodate our services for you.

What is your turnaround time?

In-store orders 2 days, Delivery orders 3 days and Special items as wedding dresses, leather jackets and area rugs 2 weeks.

What if are clothes lost or damaged?

It’s extremely rare that items are lost or damaged. If we lose or damage an article please notify customer service within 48 hours of the order being returned to you. After 48 hours we will not be responsible for any damaged or lost items.

What are the benefits of having my credit card on file?

Having your credit card on file with us has many benefits. You get 7% OFF automatically on every purchase if you have your credit card on file and email. Additionally, you will receive fast and non-touchless service. Can you imagine coming through our drive-thru, receiving your order, and leaving within two minutes? Now is the time to take advantage of this!

What is a reward point?

Once you create an account with us, you are able to earn points on every visit. Earn 1 point per dollar to use towards available rewards.

Do you offer same-day service?

We offer same-day service by request.

How do I get special discounts?

Follow us on Social Media @getwoshbox, and add your email address to your customer portal account.

How often should I clean my comforter?

Bulky sheets, comforters , and duvets should be cleaned every quarter. A good tip is to do this around when the seasons change to help you remember and stay consistent.

Where do you pick up and drop off my clothes?

You choose the location at your home where you’d like us to pick up and drop off your clothes (front, side, back doors, garage, etc.)

How will I know my scheduled drop-off and pick-up days?

Your schedule will be arranged when your account is set up. A nightly phone message is sent to your phone of record at 7PM, the night before your schedule p/u as a reminder.

What if I need a special pick-up or drop off?

We pride ourselves on our world class customer service; we can make arrangements for special deliveries.

What do you do besides dry cleaning?

We are a full service cleaner: alterations, leather, suede, and fur (repair and cleaning), bulk laundry (wash and fold and), bed linens and tablecloths (regular and hand finishing), draperies, and preservation of wedding dresses.

What type of solvent do you use? Is it safe? What should I look for in choosing a dry cleaner?

We use a hydrocarbon solvent called DF 2000. This is the best hydrocarbon solvent in the industry.  The hydrocarbon solvents used today, with their high purity and higher flashpoints, are completely biodegradable and safe for the environment and for the industry workforce.

Are hydrocarbon solvents safe for the environment?

The hydrocarbon solvents used today, with their high purity, are completely biodegradable and safe for the environment, as well as for laundry service employees and customers. Bacteria naturally degrade the hydrocarbons.

The same hydrocarbons that are sold today for use in dry cleaning are also sold in the personal care market. They are used in makeup, hand cleaners, lotions, and dozens of other cosmetic products. In addition, they are approved for use in direct food contact applications, such as beet sugar manufacture and vegetable cleaning.

How do we remove odor in clothing and other fabrics?

We use a deodorization process that is called the ozone treatment. The ozone treatment produces an oxidizing agent that creates the same sweet smelling air associated with a rain storm.

When we use it during a wash cycle, it activates water and makes laundry detergents tremendously more efficient. Even in cold water and without harsh stain removing chemicals, soil and dirt particles are easily separated from fabrics, leaving your clothes spotless and colors vibrant and bright.

Fine hotels and even hospitals use Ozone laundry systems, because it kills 99% of common strains of bacteria and effectively deodorizes fabrics.

Why choose a dry cleaning service that uses hydrocarbons?

As stated above, hydrocarbon solvents have a clear advantage over perchloroethylene (perc) when it comes to being safe for the environment; as well as for your personal health and the health of your family. By choosing a dry cleaner or laundry service that uses hydrocarbon solvents, you are helping to reduce environmental pollution and are providing your family with clothes that are cleaned with a process that you can be certain will cause no health problems. In addition, your clothes will have a fresh, clean scent rather than the unpleasant chemical smell.

Do you need storage for your clothes?

We understand the importance of reuniting you with your items as soon as possible, which is why we do not offer long-term storage. We will send text reminders every week to help you keep track of your items. However, please note that if your clothes remain with us for more than three months, we will donate them to charity.

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