Laundry? Done.

Dry Cleaning? Done.

We pick up, wash, dry, fold & deliver.

Welcome to Woshbox!

Your Custom Laundry Delivery

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The Safest Way to Do Your Laundry: No-Contact Pickup & Delivery

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Gift Cards Available! For teachers, frontline workers, new parents, caregivers & more!

Wash and Fold Services Starting at Just $25

Why Use Woshbox for your dry cleaning and laundry service?

What would you rather be doing right now? Imagine… No laundry. No dry cleaning. Woshbox is your full-service, wash and fold laundry provider. Nothing to think about. Just click, schedule, fill the bag & leave it at your door. We take care of the rest!

Who Uses Woshbox?

Professionals, busy families, business travelers, vacationers, newlyweds, new parents, retirees, elderly family members, caregivers, when your machine is broken, office perks… anyone who wants more time & freedom to do the things they want to do. That means you!

What Woshbox Cleans for You

All clothing, delicates, dry cleaning, uniforms, coats, leather, suede, performance costumes, formal gowns, tuxedos, wedding dresses, bedding, comforters, pillows, area rugs & more. Now you have time for what really matters!

How Woshbox Loves Our Planet

Our laundry & dry cleaning processes are environmentally friendly—way more than your standard dry cleaner. We use Green Earth Cleaning in all facilities. That means it’s good for clothes, good for people & good for the Earth. It’s safe for you, your children, and your pets!

COVID-19 Cleanliness & Sanitization

Woshbox provides sanitary cleaning services to our customers. The elevated temperatures in our steam-operated equipment inactivates microbes and viruses on fabric & garments. Plus, we don’t reuse our cleaning fluids. That means your whites actually stay white… no more yellowing.

About Woshbox

Woshbox founder, You Jung, has more than 20 years of experience in the dry cleaning and laundry business. Woshbox was founded with the dream of helping people live their best lives possible by giving the gift of time… time to relax, time to connect with family and friends, and time to do all of the things you want to do.

Schedule your first wash and fold pickup and discover what you’ve been missing. What will you do with your extra time this week?

How It Works



Schedule your wash and fold pickup through our website, by phone or by text.


We professionally wash, dry & fold your laundry just the way you like it.


Standard turnaround time is 2‒3 business days on your doorstep. You don’t even have to be home!

Woshbox Pickup & Delivery Schedule

Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly memberships—even a one-time “Try Us” option—all at highly competitive pricing. Our Woshbox laundry bags hold 15 to 20 pounds of your laundry. Oh, and in case you were wondering… Yes, we totally want you to cram as much laundry in our bags as possible.

Once you schedule your service, we’ll drop a bag at your door. Then just fill your bag and leave it for us on your designated pickup day. When we pick up your laundry bag, we’ll leave a fresh bag for you to start filling right away. So, you’re never without a Woshbox wash and fold bag in your home.

Save Time & Money with a Woshbox Subscription

Weekly Pickup

Regular $160/month

NOW Just $99/month for 2021!

  • We pick up your laundry every week (all washable items)
  • More than a bag $1.50/Lbs extra
  • Member only Special price for dry-cleaning

One-Time Pickup

  • One-time pickup only
  • Minimum order $20
  • Live Life – Never Do Laundry Again

Wash and Fold Services:

Washed and dried according to label, ironed as needed, and crisply folded. Plus, your socks are paired up too.

Dry Cleaning Services:

Priced separately. Washed according to label, ironed, and returned on hangers.

Live Life… Never do Laundry Again!

Schedule Your Laundry or Dry Cleaning Today.