How does our delivery service work?

Woshbox Cleaners Wash and fold laundry and dry cleaning in Winston & Clemmons, NC.

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Set up your portal account and customize your preferences. Keep in mind, we're dedicated to ensuring that laundry day is as hassle-free as can be for you. Your garments are well taken care of by our proficient drivers and production team!
On Pickup Day
For your initial laundry day, we'll pick up your laundry bags. Be sure to use separate bags for your laundry and dry cleaning. On the day of delivery, we'll provide you with a personalized bag. To ensure you don't overlook this, we'll send you a reminder the night before and again on the day of your scheduled service.
On Delivery Day
When your clothes are cleaned, crisp, and ready to wear, one of our delivery drivers will return them folded and hung at your designated drop-off location.

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Our excellent customer support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.
We guarantee you’ll enjoy your new freedom!

Not Home?

No worries! In case you won’t be available at home for your initial pickup, you can simply leave your laundry in either trash bags or hampers, and we’ll make sure to return them along with your freshly cleaned clothes.

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Introducing Your New Laundry & Dry Cleaning Bags!

It’s easy: you keep Wash & Fold laundry separate from dry cleaning that requires pressing.

Wash & Fold Per Bag
Items placed in the wash and fold bag are handled just like your everyday laundry – washed, dried, and beautifully folded. The cost is per bag.
Dry Cleaning

Launder-press & dry cleaning should be sent in your dry cleaning Bag. Garment returned on hangers.

Wash & Fold Per Pound

Items in the wash & Fold bags get treated like regular laundry-washed, dried, and beautifully folded. The charge is based on the weight in pounds.

Woshbox Cleaners Delivery Service FAQ

Can I choose my Delivery day?

Depending on your address our system will automatically give you the option to choose your pick-up and delivery dates. But if you need a certain day, we can accommodate our services for you.

What is your turnaround time?

In-store orders 2 days, Delivery orders 3 days and Special items as wedding dresses, leather jackets and area rugs 2 weeks.

Where do you pick up and drop off my clothes?

You choose the location at your home where you’d like us to pick up and drop off your clothes (front, side, back doors, garage, etc.)

How will I know my scheduled drop-off and pick-up days?

Your schedule will be arranged when your account is set up. A nightly phone message is sent to your phone of record at 7PM, the night before your schedule p/u as a reminder.