Gift Card Policy

When you use a Woshbox Gift Card, you’re agreeing to follow our simple Gift Card policy. These cards are handy because you can use them for getting things delivered or buying stuff in any Woshbox store.

But here’s the deal – you can’t trade these cards for cash or credit. If your Gift Card gets lost, stolen, or used without your say-so, we can’t give you a new one. So, it’s smart to keep your card safe and not share it with others.

If you need to return something and paid with a Gift Card, it’s based on our Return Policy. We’ll give you your money back on the Gift Card if it meets the rules.

The good news is, you can add more money to your Gift Card because they’re reloadable. And if you want to check how much money is left on it, just call (336) 301-7318.

What’s cool is that this Gift Card never expires, and we won’t charge you any extra fees for using it or not using it. It’s like having a worry-free pass to enjoy our services whenever you want. Keep it simple, use your Woshbox Gift Card, and make your experience hassle-free!