A Quality Towel Cleaning Service Is Often Difficult To Find!

A Quality Towel Cleaning Service Is Often Difficult To Find!

Find your next towel service for your gym, spa, salon, hotel, country club, car wash, or therapy offices.  We also work with dental and medical facilities with surgical towels, blankets and hand towels.

In spas, gyms, massage parlors, beauty parlors, hotels and resorts, and even hospitals, towels play an important role in everyday use. They are used by practically every single person that walks into these establishments and these towels get into contact with their skin. Combined with regular close skin contact, mostly sweat and other bodily fluids, towels from many different types of industries require exact and special laundry care to keep them hygienic enough for the next user or users.

On top of this need for specialized care, these businesses also need professional towel services to handle the overwhelming number of towels that need cleaning on a regular basis. Businesses would be wise to allow a qualified, expert, and experienced towel service company to help them achieve both quantity and quality.

  • Country Club Towels (Locker room towels, club towels, wash cloths)
  • Gym Towels (Hand towels, locker room towels, bath towels)
  • Hotel Towels (pool towels, Bath sheets, bath mats)
  • Massage Towels (Hand towels, wash cloths, bath towels)
  • Salon, Spa Towels (Hand towels, wash cloths, bath towels)

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