Patio Cushion

Keep your outdoor cushions feeling fresh.

Mother Nature can really take a toll on your patio furniture and patio cushions, in screened areas and out. Before you toss your patio cushions into storage at the end of patio season, bring them to us for a deep clean. It’ll be like getting new patio furniture every spring. We’ll spot clean and remove grease spots. We’ll also do an expert assessment of tears and ties that have come loose and need to be resewn and send your patio cushions to alterations to return them good as new.

How Often Should You Clean Outdoor Cushions?

We recommend cleaning your cushions twice a year: once in the spring when you take them out of storage, and once in the fall before putting them away. Remember that regular maintenance goes a long way for keeping them looking good (and free of mildew and mold) for summers to come.

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