About Us

Our Vision: Live Life

To our customers, give them the power of extra time, so they can live their dream life.

To our team, give them opportunities to grow and succeed, so they can live their dream life with Woshbox.

To our community, help them to make it a better place to live. provide access to the opportunities people need to improve their lives, to help themselves and each other.

Our Mission: Keep our promises

To our customers, Woshbox promises to give you the exceptional service you need.

To our team, Woshbox promises to inspire your success and growth together.

To our community, Woshbox promises to help our community with acts of services and inspire others to support them.

Meet our Team

You Jung


Massiel Tovar

Team Leader

Clemmons Store

Tina Swiergiel, Julie Ramon

Oakwood Store

Diana Rodriguez ,Marlon Petit, Ana Hernandez

University Store

Sung Park


Emely Ramos, Rosibel Rosa, Estela Santos, Maribel Tornez, Aleyda Torres, Melina Liborio

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